Walatowa High Charter School



The Art program at WHCS is an ambitious and focused program in the visual language.  The underlying objective is to expose students to the richness, power and beauty of the visual language.  Below is an outline of the focus at each grade level.


FRESHMEN:  Introduction to the Artists Language

Most incoming Freshmen have not been exposed to formal visual art training in the lower grades.  The purpose of this introductory class is to teach the skills, attitudes and thought processes necessary in the visual language.  A series of projects are presented designed to encourage creative problem solving and visual awareness.  Students learn proper and safe use of art tools and techniques.


ART HISTORY:  The Freshmen class is also enrolled in a study of World Art History.  Through textbook readings, slide lectures, discussions and projects the students learn about artistic and cultural achievements from cave art to the present day.


SOPHOMORES:  Introduction to Fine Arts

This class is designed to introduce and train the basic skills of the artist’s language.  Using the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, students discover how their creative, artistic brain needs training and development too.  Students learn to “See as an Artist Sees.”   Training is given in sketching, composing, perspective and color theory.


JUNIOR CLASS (IAIA)   Two-Dimensional Art and Three Dimensional Art

In a special arrangement with the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, Juniors earn Dual-Credit while attending WHCS.  Dual-Credit is a program that allows students to earn one-half credit of High School credit each semester while at the same time earning 3 hours of free college credit through our arrangement with IAIA.