Fall Harvest

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The First experimental garden behind the school is at the end if its first season. We have enjoyed tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, okra, peppers and corn. The garden has been used, not only for growing vegetables, but also as an outdoor classroom for Walatowa students to volunteer their labor, an opportunity to expand their Science and Writing Skills, and to share in the consumption of the produce.

We have shared some of the vegetables with the wider local community, including workshop participants at the revisioned servants of the Paraclete Retreat Center and adult Hummingbird Camp participants. The school garden has been favorable mentioned in the Jemez Daily Post online newspaper. We need additional, ongoing funding to sustain and expand our present humble beginnings. Mary Olsen recently completed a Watershed Design Management Course, with the implication of watering our existing and future growing projects solely from rain water catchment. This would be one step further towards our goal in Sustainability. We would not need to use any outside water source for the garden project.

Ms. Olsen is also taking a Permaculture Design Course in the South Valley. This twice month instruction will be passed on and shared with Walatowa students and the wider Jemez community. The goal is to not only increase the volume of what we grow, but also to create a living, evolving outdoor classroom which will encourage creative investigation and problem solving.

Please feel free to call the school or leave online comments here if you have any questions or suggestions about this project. We welcome your ideas and feedback. The vision for our school garden is for students, parents, families and local Jemez Corridor residents to become involved in this exciting project. We care about the health and well being of all community members and invite you to become involved.IMG952014101695102951

Fall Harvest